Policy script management

The plugin provides a dedicated UI to create and manage policy scripts. These scripts can be used while minting native tokens.

Create a simple script with single signature

  • Click on "Create Script (Single sig)" icon
  • Select "Generate From". There are three options.
    • Generate New : To generate a new secret key, verification key and use that to generate a policy script.
    • Address: Use an existing address to generate a policy script
    • Secret key: Provide cbor hex of an existing secret key to generate policy script
  • Click on "Generate Json" to view the generated policy script, policy id
  • Click on "Save" to save policy keys and corresponding key pair in the script store. So that those can be used later.
  • (Optional) You can also export the generated key pair and policy script as json files.

Create a multisig script with TimeLock

You can create a multi-sig script using individual scripts. You can also add timelock attributes like before and after to that.
  • Click on "Create script (Sigs & TimeLock) to create a multi-sig script with timelock.