Account Management

The following account management features are currently supported

  • Create a mainnet/testnet account

  • Import an account from 24w mnemonic phrase

  • Import an account as "read-only" (watch-only)

  • List all accounts

  • Fetch balance of all accounts

  • Get account details ( Ada / Native token balance, recent transactions, utxos)

Open Account Management UI

  • Click on "List Accounts" icon in Cardano Tool Window.

Create a new account

  • In "Account Management" dialog, click the "New"

  • Enter a name for the account

  • Select testnet / mainnet

  • Click "Ok"

Important Note:

Account management UI also allows you to create a Mainnet account. Account mnemonic phrase is stored in an encrypted format in the local filesystem. But for better developer experience, the encryption key is also stored in the local filesystem. So that the developer doesn't need to enter encryption password during development time.

So it's not recommended to import/store any Mainnet account with significant Ada holding.

Alternatively, if you want to do a Mainnet transaction, you can enter mnemonic phrase in Transfer UI or Token Minting UI directly. The mnemonic entered in those cases are not stored and just used for that specific transaction.

Get Testnet Ada token

To get some Testnet Ada token, please check Cardano Testnet Faucet.

Fetch Balance

The account management screen shows all the created or imported accounts. You can also fetch balances of all the accounts by clicking the "Fetch Balance" button.

Based on the configured default node, balance for testnet or mainnet accounts are fetched.

Import an existing account

In account management ui,

  • Click "Import Existing"

  • Select the network (testnet/mainnet)

  • Enter 24w mnemonic phrase

  • Click "Ok"

Note: An external account can also be imported as a "read-only" account. In that case, you just need to provide the address.

Copy Address

  • Double click on the address column to copy the address

  • Alternatively, select the row, right click -> Copy Address

Account Details

  • Double click on the account name to open "Account Details" UI for the address

  • Account details UI shows Ada balance and native token balances.

  • The bottom panel in "Account details" UI shows recent transactions for the address.

  • Select a transaction hash and double-click to see the transaction and metadata details.

  • Click on "Show Utxos" to see the available utxos for the address.

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