IntelliAda plugin is available in JetBrain's official plugin marketplace. You can install this plugin directly from your IntelliJ IDE.

Supported IntelliJ version (2021.1 and above)

  • IntelliJ IDEA

  • PyCharm

  • GoLand

  • WebStorm

  • PhpStorm

Supported Operating Systems

The plugin uses cardano-client-lib which is only supported on the following Operating systems.

  • Apple MacOS (Intel and Apple Silicon)

  • Linux (x86_64) (Ubuntu 18.04 and above or compatible ...)

  • Windows 64bits (x86_64)

For any other operating systems, please create a request here.


  1. Go to Preferences > Plugins or File > Settings > Plugins

  2. Search "IntelliAda" in Marketplace tab

  3. Click "Install"

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