Cardano Node Configuration

Currently you can only configure Blockfrost node inside the IDE. Blockfrost provides api endpoints for both Cardano Mainnet and Testnet. Once configured, you can use the configured node to interact with the Cardano blockchain.

Note: Support for other node types will be added in the future release. (e.g; Cardano wallet, Cardano GraphQL ...)


You need to first register on Blockfrost website ( to get a "Api Key" or "Project Id". Once you get the api key for mainnet or testnet, you are ready to configure a Blockfrost node in the IDE.

Configure a new node

  • Create an empty project. Type of project doesn't matter if you just want to interact with Cardano.

  • Once the project is opened, you should be able to see "Cardano" tab in the right side tool window.

  • Enter name, select Blockfrost node type (Testnet or Mainnet)

  • Enter Blockfrost "Api Key" in the "Project Id" text field.

  • Click "Test Connectioin" to verify the connection.

  • Then click ok to create a new node configuration.

Select a default node

If you have multiple nodes configured in the IDE, you need to set a node as default node. IDE connects to the default node to submit the transactions, query blockchain data or other supported operations.

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